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Value Statement:

Decorating with images that depict the beauty of the natural world not only make your space look great—they are actually beneficial to physical and mental health.

Studies have proven that individuals who live close to nature benefit from improved physical and mental health; which can lead to increased productivity and overall wellness. These same studies also found that the same can be said for viewing images of nature. Both experiences have been linked to improved mental and physical well-being and a reduction in stress. One could argue that surrounding yourself with images of the natural world is the next best thing to actually being there. Evermore Photography specializes in crafting gallery quality fine art photography that captures the serenity and the beauty of the natural world that are ideal for home, office, hotel, and corporate buildings.

Evermore Photography also provides high quality, professional photography services for commercial and private clients. Other categories include: bespoke thematic images to compliment interior design schemes: architectural, portraiture, and editorial / lifestyle photography, for private and institutional display.

Artist's Statement:

"There's more to photography than aiming a camera—anyone can press a shutter button—a camera is simply a tool, like any other.The real art of photography is 'seeing', which requires having a creative vision. As with fine art photography, a well made portrait is a valuable, tangible, lasting thing. The act of portrait making is an intimate experience shared between the artist and the model. Guiding the subject through this experience is one of the things I enjoy most about working in the photographic medium."

To schedule your personal portrait session or inquire about commissioning prints to suit your space, email: evermore@ntegralinteractive.com