Call me Nate

J. Nathaniel Dicke (Nate) is an award winning Scottish-American photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To schedule your personal portrait session or inquire about purchasing limited edition autographed prints to suit your space call 651.341.5193.

There's more to photography than aiming a camera—anyone can press a button and apply a filter; a camera is a tool, like any other. The real art of photography is "seeing", which requires a creative vision. As with fine art photography, a well made portrait is a valuable, tangible, lasting thing. The act of portrait making is an intimate experience shared between the artist and the model. It's a process that begins with getting to know the subject and having a shared vision. Guiding the subject through this experience is one of the the things I enjoy most about working in the photographic medium.

—J. Nathaniel Dicke