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005 Looking for Patterns in the Grain

I tend to take a similar approach to urban photography as I do toward photographing nature—it's much like a hunt really—I look for the interesting amid the banal, the overlooked and the ignored. There are so many things to see and document, so many different directions to look... I find it helps to give yourself an assignment of sorts. It's simple, just pick a subject.

Over the Wall

Over the Wall

Natures Pulls Down Walls

Nature  Makes a Window

Patterns In Shadow

Pedestrian Bridge
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Fisherman's Wharf

004 Urban Photography, San Francisco, 2012

It was my first trip to California and the city of San Francisco, 2012. As my business there wasn't photography related, I had four hours on the last day of my stay before catching a plane back to Minneapolis—four hours to see and photograph as much of the city as I could manage.

Being a stranger to the city, I naturally visited some of the best known tourist sites, among them China Town and the Fisherman's Wharf. My personal favorite was China Town. With so much cultural diversity and history, San Francisco is certainly a photogenic and picturesque city. I wish that I had more time to spend walking the streets and seeing the various neighborhoods. One day I hope to get another opportunity to do just that.

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Fishermen's Grotto, San Francisco Bay

Fishermen's Grotto, SF CA, 2012

China Town, San Francisco

San Francisco CA, 2012

City Hall

A Path Through the Trees

High Rise Buildings

Looking Up
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002 A model engagement shoot, Lori Anne & Sandor

One of my favorite things about portrait photography is getting to play a small part in the lives of otherwise complete strangers. On this occasion I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful subjects, which is apparent when you view the images we made. Lori Anne and her fiancé Sandor came styled and prepared to shoot; the rest was simply a matter of guiding them both through a few poses and allowing their natural chemistry to shine through. This was a great working experience and I hope to be given the chance to work with them again soon. My best to them both.

Lori Anne & Sandor

Lori Anne & Sandor

Lori Anne & Sandor

Lori Anne & Sandor

Lori Anne & Sandor

Lori Anne & Sandor
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001 Street Photography, Minneapolis

Street photography is like nature photography made in an urban setting. It's all about seeing the unique among the mundane. This image was made under the Lowry Avenue bridge in Minneapolis—the subject of this image is obviously the graffiti. I have photographed graffiti on train cars, buildings, utility boxes, etc., and it's always interesting to me. Any city dweller can tell you, graffiti is part of the urban experience, and it's always a subject of debate. Is it art, or is it vandalism... perhaps the answer to that question depends on where you find it, or who you ask. If you think it's as simple as aiming a can of spray paint, I suggest you try it some time.

Graffiti Under the Lowry Brdge

Graffiti Under the Lowry Bridge

Lowry Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis

The Lowry Bridge, Minneapolis

Lowry Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis (2)

On the Lowry Bridge
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